At Research Gurus, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our team combines diverse expertise to deliver exceptional research solutions for our clients. Meet the passionate individuals who drive innovation and excellence:

Leadership & Research:

Audris Campbell, Owner & Research Director: Audris leads the team with a strategic vision and deep research expertise.

Kayti Ducheine, Research Assistant: Kayti provides research support and ensures our research runs smoothly.

Data Team:

Kevin Matz, Economist: Kevin leverages economic principles to extract valuable insights from data, ensuring the accuracy and depth of our research.

Violeta Roizman, Data Scientist: Violeta uses her data science skills to uncover hidden patterns and build powerful models that inform our research conclusions.

Tatyana Taylor, Data Analyst: Tatyana meticulously analyzes data to provide clear and actionable insights for our clients.

Qualitative Team:

Aadya Gaur, Qualitative Analyst: Aadya delves into qualitative data, extracting rich narratives and understanding the human element of complex issues.

Daria Shvydka, Open-Ended Coding Specialist: Daria applies her expertise in open-ended coding to categorize and analyze qualitative data, ensuring a systematic approach.

Support Team:

Santrell Solomon, Customer Service/Desk Research: Santrell provides exceptional customer service and conducts thorough desk research, ensuring a strong foundation for our projects.

Creative Team:

Nyasha Wooling, Website Designer: Nyasha crafts the visual identity of our company, ensuring a user-friendly and engaging website experience.

Francine Sarmiento, Social Media Manager: Francine connects with our audience and shares valuable insights on social media.

This dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional research that empowers your decision-making. Contact us today to discuss your research needs!

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